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  • Rosalind Lipsett Bikini Pictures Are So Hot It Hurts

    I know it feels like this damn winter is never, ever going to end, but no matter how cold it is outside where you are right now, here’s something guaranteed to warm you up: new bikini pictures from my favorite Irish supermodel Rosalind Lipsett. In fact, I don’t know about you guys, but these shots are […]

  • Rosalind Lipsett Is Hot At Maxim’s Hot 100

    Here’s my favorite Irish supermodel Rosalind Lipsett at the MAXIM Hot 100 Celebration Event, which means apparently everybody else is finally starting to realize what I’ve known all along: that this girl is crazy hot. But that’s alright, I don’t mind a little competition for my future ex-wife. I mean, what self-respecting supermodel doesn’t dream […]

  • Rosalind Lipsett’s Modelbombing Hollywood BLVD.

    Good news: my favorite Irish supermodel (and future ex-wife, so hands off) Rosalind Lipsett is back with another one of those awesome “modelbombing” videos of hers. Only this time, she took the gag down Hollywood Boulevard in LA. And those are some damn lucky tourists, because I guarantee that seeing Rosalind in a bikini is […]

  • Rosalind Lipsett Modelboming A Construction Worker

    Today is April Fools’ Day and even though I am not smart enough to come up with a clever prank, Irish supermodel Rosalind Lipsett managed to pull off a super funny/sexy one while shooting a bikini photoshoot for a roadside construction worker. All I know is that I’m sure this dude will have something to […]

  • Rosalind Lipsett In Frankie’s Bikinis Will Make You Melt

    Looks like Spring Break came a little early this year, and it’s just in time too, because in case those Ashley Tisdale pictures didn’t do the trick and you still need some more warming up today, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Because just when I thought my favorite Irish model and future ex-wife Rosalind […]

  • Rosalind Lipsett Is The Hottest Thing You’ll See All Day

    Earlier this week, we posted super hot Irish model Rosalind Lipsett working her amazing body in a Beach Riot bikini, and here she is again at the “In Secret” premiere looking like future ex-wife material. Damn this girl is fine! How she’s not a top Victoria’s Secret model just doesn’t make any sense. Anyway, I […]

  • Rosalind Lipsett Does Beach Riot Good!

    Once again, we’ve got my favorite Irish model and future ex-wife Rosalind Lipsett wearing a super sexy bikini from Beach Riot. Like I’ve said before, Ireland isn’t known for their hotties, but Rosalind is by far hottest the thing I’ve ever seen! This, my friends, is perfection. I can go on and on about how […]

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