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  • Hunter King In A Bikini Will Blow Your Mind

    Even though I work from home, I don’t think I’ve ever watched a soap opera before, but I might have to start after finding out that Hunter King aka Haley King aka one of my favorite hotties is on one. And better yet, that she actually shows up in a bikini on it, judging from […]

  • Haley King aka Hunter King’s Hotness Is Back

    Hey, I guess my call for Haley King (aka Hunter King) to get more attention worked, because her and that impressive cleavage of hers got invited to another red carpet. Because here she is busting out at the premiere of Wish I Was Here again today. Maybe it was the Daytime Emmy win, maybe it […]

  • Haley King aka Hunter King Should Be A Big Star

    With a body this good, I still don’t know how Haley King here isn’t a household name yet, but I’m guessing it probably has something to do with the fact that nobody can ever remember whether to call her Haley or Hunter. But whatever the hell she’s going by these days, she was looking pretty […]

  • Haley/Hunter King Busts Out The Chesticles

    I wish Haley King would just pick one name and stick with it, because every time I hear about pictures of “Haley/Hunter King,” I keep expecting to see a pair of hot twins or something. And you guys know how much I love twins. Lucky for me though, Haley/Hunter brought her own hot pair to […]

  • Creeping Hunter Aka Haley King’s Twitter Account

    Considering all the trouble I have remembering whether this chick prefers to be called Hunter King or Haley, you might think it’d be difficult for me to creep her on Twitter. Especially given that bloggers aren’t exactly known for their lengthy attention spans. But I can be pretty focused when there’s something I want — [...]

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