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  • Megan Fox Looks The Best in Normal Attire

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    Once again here are some sexy Megan Fox pictures that are sure to get you sprung. She’s just heading over to her car looking like a regular chick. Something about it makes it hotter than normal though, it might be her licking her lips and sticking that slutty tongue out that gets me so turned on, but I guess we’ll never know exactly. If you’re interested in finding the best starlet content on the internet you need to visit the best site for everything Hollywood, and get the hottest nude starlet pictures and hot sex tapes inside of Celeb Taboo.


  • Offspring of a Rock Star is Totally Rocking Herself

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    Minka Kelly is really not too popular, she’s most popular for her act in the show "Friday Night Lights". She is also daughter of former Aerosmith guitarist Rick Dufay. Who gives a damn when you see these photos. Look at those perfect fucking rack just hang as she is getting out of her car. Not to mention her juice ass we see as she walks away. I don’t know much about Minka, but I sure as hell wouldn’t mind finding out more. We have everything Tinseltown has to offer at Celeb Taboo. Enjoy all kinds of hot and edgy celeb pics and the scandals involved in their celeb lives.


  • Amanda Bynes Almost Hides Her Tiny Pink Panties

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    Amanda Bynes has gotten bigger over the past few years, and isn’t the rail skinny spinner we once remember from that shitty television show she was in. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have some fun with her still. She’s seen here out getting loose Tao Nightclub and we get a perfect upskirt pic of her. She’s got on some tiny panties and her tan thighs look delicious. Check out all of our celebrity content inside of the members area at Celeb Taboo, you’re sure to find anything celebrity related that you desire.


  • Jessica Biel All Grown Up and Sexier Than Ever

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    Jessica Biel has grown up from the young celebrity we once remember on 7th Heaven. Oh I know you all watched it regularly! Any ways, she is all filled out now and looks amazing. I can’t get over the curves this young celeb has grown considering how petite and jock like she was back on 7th Heaven. I bet that she can crush dudes under that butt. Learn more about celebs than you ever wanted while getting off to their pictures at Celeb Taboo.


  • Kim Kardashian Takes To New York Streets as a Blonde


    According to Kim Kardashian’s Twitter page she was cruising the streets of New York. Turning herself blond for the weekend she walked all over the city doing a photo shoot. Happening on a Sunday, this was all over the media right away, since a new look for this sexy celebrity is always good to know about. She admitted on her blog though that it was just a wig, playing a prank on us all.. A little late for April fools, no? No big deal Kim we still want to fuck you and that juicy romp you have. See everything and more at Celeb Taboo. Our celeb pics, drama and sex tape collection is fantastic.


  • What Up Amy Smart, Look at The Junk in That Trunk

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    The title says it all here for Amy Smart as she was seen out doing her shopping in Los Angeles. She’s has her rump squeezed tightly into a pair of jeans and it looks edible. Then out of nowhere, she turns around like she has something to do, and the real trouble begins. Her facial expression is butt ugly, especially for a celeb who is usually rather hot looking. I recommend only looking away from the camera. Unless she has a top on where a nipple slip is possible, please come our way then. Celeb Taboo is the best source for hot celeb pics and Tinseltown scandals, so check back soon to see what is next.


  • Michelle Rodriguez Displays Her True Black Side at Weddings

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    Michelle Rodriguez will never get married, let us tell you why. She was at her close friend and manager’s wedding, a four day affair in the Dominican Republic. Making a scene mostly the entire time, let’s talk about the madness she caused. During the welcome dinner she tossed clothed guests into a pool. She broke up the bachelorette party bitching the stripper was over weight and had a tiny penis. At least at the ceremony she looked and acted like an angel. Shortly after, she switched back to the bitch and was spotted in tight jeans and a tank top dancing til all night with men and women alike. Celeb Taboo does it again serving up another out of line celeb scandal, check us out to see all of our drama and celebrity pics.


  • Joss Stone Is The Hippy She Wants To Be

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    Here we have Joss Stone trying her best to be the biggest fake hippy at Coachella Music Festival. She tries so hard to fit in with the dirty kids attending her joke of a show. As a hippy custom she is not wearing any shoes, cruising around barefoot with different color painted toenails. There was one important part she forgot to not wear though, and that is her undies seeing she gave us a perfect upskirt shot. You know damn well there is a massive bush hiding in there, not that I want to check it out or anything. Celeb Taboo has found another awesome set of celeb pics for you all, check back soon to see what is next.


  • Paris Hilton Shows Some Skin, Again

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    Paris Hilton does her thing, as she attempts to get back into the Hollywood spotlight by showing some of her skanky body. Come on now, haven’t we all seen enough of that nasty unhealthy chick cleavage and frail granny legs.If the Paparazzi just developed a plan and stopped taking photos of her, maybe she would just go away after a while. There’s a few up skirt pics as well, but I don’t want to ruin anyone’s weekend. Celeb Taboo has everything you need when it comes to celeb movies, gossip, candids and sex tapes.


  • Lady Gaga Displays Her Odd Ways of Dealing With Bullshit

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    Lady Gaga being the knob she is decided to try to pull the ol’ Hollywood trick "Pretend to Take Pics of the Paparazzi" spiel last night while taking off from Bungalow 8 in London. It’s a celeb ploy to deter the paps from taking picture because they can’t see your face. Of course, it will work better when, ehhh, you’re not dressed in a see-through shirt with tape over your nips. She might as well of just ditched her shirt off and yelled "Cheese" for us! Dishing up classic celebrity gossip and Tinseltown photos daily, Celeb Taboo has everything celeb covered.


  • Madonna Looking As Good As Ever in These Classic Pics

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    This is an awesome score. We have a set of Madonna naked in 1979 for photographer Martin H.M. Schreiber. They will be on display for the first time in the United Kingdom at the Brighton Festival’s "The Madonna Nudes – 30th Anniversary Exhibition." Disregard what has all been said in the past. I really have to give it to her, she looks pretty damn sexy at 45. This proves her witchery, send those boys of hers to the torches! Celeb Taboo has the most current sets of all your finest Hollywood nude pictures, celeb scandals and gossip.


  • Tori Spelling Bares Her Big Tits To Sell Books

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    90’s TV celebrity Tori Spelling shows off her celebrity tits at her book launch, clad in whore clothing and seems up for some raw banging! Tori reveals her celebrity pokies on paparazzi filled book launching.The book cover itself is pretty whory, with Tori leaning on the crib and revealing her long legs and arching up those hot ass cheeks! Tori Spelling may not look pretty enough to give you wood, but Tori does have a very fuckable tight body. Celeb Tori rocks up to her book launch with celeb nipple pokies and a ”Im-slutty-mom-who-loves-getting-her-holes-fucked look! Are her tits really natural? Who knows as long as they’re perky and armed with hard nipples… Catch Tori Spelling’s horny celeb nipple slip and whory titties only at Celeb Taboo!


  • Heidi Montag Gets All Businessy

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    Good ole Heidi Montag from The Hills! I guess that TV series really helped jump star her career. She is purported to be making her way as a singer. Heidi Montag first song was released by Ryan Secrest, something she denied. I have no idea|No clue what truth is in that, but I’m dead certain she was making up all sorts of reasons to get some cheap attention}excuses to help shine more spotlight on her. Heidi Montag recently hired a Britney Spears songwriter in hope of capturing some fame. Her iTunes fiasco obviously didn’t help her achieve any notoriety either. In fact, it received so much bad press it sent this blondie crying! Even though she’s struggling as a singer, Montag still tries to diversify herself. Recently she launched a fashion line that didn’t make it far and got dropped a few months after making it’s debut, but she’s going to release a new clothing line this year to give it an other go. Celeb Taboo has some steamy new snaps of the blonde Hollywood celebrity as she gets ready to promote her sex tape.


  • Miranda Kerr Joys of Easter Happyness

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    Miranda Kerr has graced us with her beauty when she first stepped on the runway at one of those mega erotic Victoria’s Secret Fashion shows. This Angel has an amazing body, modeling the latest designer lingerie from, who else but Victoria’s Secret! Miranda Kerr looks all playful in the garden as she dances around shaking her derriere and looking all cute and innocent. Born in 1983, this rock hard teenie bopper pursued her interest in nutrition before getting into modeling. I love the newest photo shoot of Miranda Kerr, this model looks simply irresistible in her lilac panties. Her celebrity cleavage looks ready for some love and care. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind giving her some… Easter or not… With a chick like Miranda Kerr riding shotgun in your Ferrari, even the Bunny holiday can be one of the greatest! Celeb Heat brings us tons of exposed celeb photos of Miranda Kerr, they are really nice check them out!


  • Halle Berry, Will Always Be One in The World

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    Seriously, one of the hottest women in the world has to be Halle Berry. Especially for a woman of her age, this celeb has really kept it together over the years, but since I’ve seen this I am not sure what to think. She’s wearing the ugliest shoes ever and to top it off her pants are like something an old lady wears. There has to be a reason as to why she is dressed like this. Maybe it’s that time of the month and she is puking from the vagina?! Anywho, next time I see Halle Berry I want it to be what I am used to seeing, photos that get me sprung. Get your celeb gossip at Celeb Taboo, it’s the best source for all of your Tinseltown needs.


  • Anna Faris Hits The Red Carpet Looking Amazing

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    Recently seen at the premiere of her new movie Observe and Report, Anna Faris is looking her absolute best. She’s really a total package with her sense of humor and mostly all natural body. Keeping things interesting, she’s engaged, and all of us rotten mongers love to chase a woman that’s in a relationship. Something about true beauty, that just makes it so enticing. Hah, that’s really just a bunch of bullshit though, you gotta figure if Anna Faris is your girl, I know I would at least be one uptight jealous bastard. Bookmark us at Celeb Taboo, where we update with the hottest Hollywood scandals, gossip and candid photos.


  • Hugh Hefner Still Enjoying The Tinseltown Lifestyle At 83.

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    Everyone’s favorite celebrity Hugh Hefner is couldn’t be more happy. Hef seen in these photos at his 83rd birthday shindig last night, having such an outstanding time. He’s accompanied by numerous models, more less taking a nap! I mean really has Hugh Hefner became such a Hollywood icon, he just takes naps while partying with numerous models? He just doesn’t even care anymore, even at his bash. Reminds me of a song, it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to! Check back at Celeb Taboo, we’re sure to have your fantasies covered with our incredible collection of starlet gossip, celebrity photos, and Hollywood sex tapes.


  • Lindsay Lohan Gets All Caught Up in Lesbian Drama

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    Lindsay Lohan couldn’t possibly fit any more drama into her life but, she ended up on Twitter ranting about her break up with lesbian lover Samantha Ronson. Apparently the two got into it on Saturday night at the Chateau Marmont making hotel employees call police. As the cops arrived, you could find Linday Lohan outside taking photos with Paparazzi, and of course as Us Magazine tried to get some information about the incident and Lindsay denied everything. What it all really comes down to, if you break up with your so called lesbian fling and turn to Twitter to bitch about it, it’s time to get the fuck out of doge, gracefully. Your only bookmark need for hot celeb news is Celeb Taboo.


  • Kelly Kelly Can Kick My Ass Any Day of The Week

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    I wonder how these starlets like Kelly Kelly can take part in the intense fighting that goes down in WWE! She’s a true Tinseltown trooper who can dish it out, and kicks some serious ass. She’s got the primo lady lumps as any Hollywood celeb would. I’m not a fan of WWE but if they were to release some sort of Wild Girls of WWE with her in it, I’d definitely consider watching it! Check her out in a stunning leopard skin, posing at a Wrestle Mania party getting ready to kick some boy ass. Her tits are incredible, and body perfect; probably from all of the protein shakes and flex seed oil she’s been eating and drinking lately to look her best on TV! Celeb Taboo is your one stop shop for beautiful starlets like Kelly Kelly naked, if you haven’t yet bookmarked, come back for more soon!


  • Sexy Hollywood Celeb Tamara Mellon Models Her Body

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    With a name like Tamara Mellon, your tits must look their finest! When she stripped down to a striped swim suit and posed to show off to the cameras, the stunning tinseltown babe smiled and waved. She used to see the big movie star Christian Slater, you probably heard of that guy as he’s very popular, starred in movies like My name is Earl, 3000 Miles to Graceland, etc. She left him, as he hasn’t been doing too good lately and now lives on the edge as a single hottie looking to hook up. Check out her fantastic celeb figure as she goes for a dip in the Caribbean! This stunning Hollywood figure was unknown prior to getting to the top after marrying Christian Slater, but actually owns and operates her very successful shoe company named Jimmy Choo! Stay tuned to Celeb Taboo, the best place for killer celeb candid photos.

  • Doug Reinhardt and Paris Hilton Sex Video

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    It’s good to be Doug Reinhardt, especially when every kiss given to Paris Hilton is followed by a crotch grab. Here are some snaps of the sexy Hollywood celebrities as they are out and about partying it up and the urge hits Doug to drop a smooch on her celeb face. Of course, his hands travel right up her skirt, the holy place we all can explore in the Paris Hilton sex video! You either love her, or hate her. When she began starring in the Simple Life that is when I really fell for her personality. I’ve been out of the loop lately and just noticed Paris cut her hair short. It looks hot, especially when she’s bent over and it bounces to the beat, hint hint. Either way enjoy these high quality Hollywood celeb candids of Paris Hilton and her boy brought to you by Celeb Taboo!


  • Britney Spears Is a Sexy MILF

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    Britney Spears, the girl that creates the utmost controversy is back with hot new snaps showing off her new look. Despite the fact that she’s a mom, she’s holding her shape quite good for a Hollywood celebrity. I don’t know if that’s the results of Photoshop or her gym instructor worked her good; nevertheless Britney Spears is back in effect! These are the upcoming Candies layouts of Britney Spears for Kohl’s. OK, we did a search for snaps taken in the past 4 weeks and can confirm, someone is really good at working the canvas! Britney Spears, don’t get too high on yourself, people still talk about your vagina slip and porno video online! But keep shaking that tight celeb ass and showing those boobs to make guys horny everywhere! Celeb Heat, the destination for uncensored celebs just like Britney Spears baby!


  • Hayden Panatiere Has Breasts Explode

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    The starlet from the hit TV series Heroes is back in yet an other hot new photo gallery. I’m a huge admirer of this erotic little dirty blonde,especially when she gets angry! See the behind the scenes snaps of Hayden Panettiere as she gets ready for her appearance on Australian TV show. She wore a cute satin gray top, unfortunately no cleavage pics|shots of this youthful celeb here. I’d love to see her boobies, and I’m sure no one would stand against seeing a sight of her supple breasts! She chills out patiently|She sits patiently waiting for the taping to begin looking all cute and innocent. Don’t let those looks fool you, I could bet a hundred bucks that this naughty little angel will one day star in one of the hottest celeb sex tapes! Stay tuned to Celeb Taboo for more!


  • Katie Holmes is Not A Happy Lady

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    Katie Holmes is snapped here going to a dance studio presumably to let off some pent up steam|work out some sexual tension. Here the puppy dog faced celeb is seen looking down at the ground and clearly not happy about things. There was only like 2 paps there so surely it wasn’t like she was pissed off|mad|ticked off she was being attacked. One can imagine that this sexy girlactress isn’t getting fucked well enough by the assumedly limp cock Tom Cruise. These two celebrities are a few eggs short of a dozen and now it’s starting to show. See the usually giddy Katie Holmes’s and her nude slip ups only at Celeb Taboo!


  • Megan Fox Gets White Trashy

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    Ultra celebrity Megan Fox was reminding us she’s not just some pretty face, she’s also a set of sex celebrity trailer park legs. Here she is sporting her ankle tattoo in some Daisey Dukes that could only make Jessica Simpson want to cry. In fact, she’s look so sexy showing all of this famous skin that I popped wood thinking of the dirty deeds I’d do to her pasty white legs and that trashy ankle art work. Who’s your papa, trailer skank?! If you like to see naked celebs, half naked celebs or just slutty celebs come on over to Celeb Taboo!


  • Bruce Willis Stages Casting Calls For Pussy


    Bruce Willis, in true Hollywood fashion has plucked an extra from one of his movies for a real life marriage role. Although it was a bit weird, this heavyweight Hollywood superstar had the casting agency call in a gang of models and he personally chose them for their slots. That’s what I call selective micro management! Surely he wasn’t at the meeting with the catering company! Either way, he got himself a winner in super exotic Emma Hemming. Get a look at this girl! Experience Emma Heming’s perfect body at Celeb Taboo!

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