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  • Alyssa Miller’s Sexy Lingerie Pictures

    So you probably figured as much, but for some reason I still haven’t been able to successfully convince Alyssa Miller to go out with me yet. Probably because she remains completely unaware of my existence. But not to worry, because Alyssa isn’t a household name yet either, which means I still have something to offer […]

  • Alyssa Miller Is Hot And Single!

    Good news, guys: looks like Alyssa Miller has played out her 6-month contract as Jake Gyllenhaal’s “girlfriend” and now the SI model is officially back on the market again. So I figure it’s time to make my move. Sure, I may not be a big-name actor, but I can offer Alyssa way more exposure than […]

  • Alyssa Miller’s Sexy Bikini Pictures

    Go ahead and enjoy these bikini pictures of SI model Alyssa Miller for few minutes, because I’m afraid I’ve got some disappointing news. Apparently Alyssa is “dating” Jake Gyllenhaal these days. I’m not sure when their contract runs out and this bikini hottie becomes a free agent again, but whenever that happens, I plan on […]

  • Alyssa Miller Knows How To Dress

    So apparently there were competing movie premieres happening last night, and judging by the respective guest lists, I’m calling it already: Parker won. Sure, all I’ve got to go on are these pictures of Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Alyssa Miller, but what more do you need? You just can’t beat classy supermodel cleavage. It’s a [...]

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